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Building with Eco Building Group means winning in all areas. You can build in less time, with the highest possible way of insulation, with less people, with less costs for heating or cooling and with the highest possible level of comfort afterwards.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficient

The idea to build a low energy or passive house which saves money at the construction and needs very low heating/cooling has always been our choice. And it is good for the environment too.

Low Cost

Cost effective

Reducing energy costs and results in a financial cost saving to consumers if the energy savings offset any additional costs of implementing an energy-efficient technology. This allows you to reduce the construction and follow-up costs.

Luxury feeling

Luxury feeling

The building sector is crucial for achieving the EU’s energy and environmental goals. At the same time,  energy efficient buildings improve the quality of citizens’ life while bringing additional benefits to the economy and the society.

Better Environment

Seismic stable

It prevents the buildings from earthquake damages. Different stability analysis methods are used for evaluating the seismic stability of an earth slope using a safety factor to build a house.

Why is an Eco Building Group project so special ?

We manufacture our own blocks with BASF raw materials, made in Germany and with exclusivity for Spain. We guarantee constant quality control and fast deliveries.

The Latest Technology

The Eco-Building Group building system is unbeatable in processing speed for foundation work, wall building and floor/roof elements.

High Quality eco-friendly homes

Eco Building Group efficient homes avoid tons of CO2 emission.They can very easily be combined with green energy, such as solar panels. Eco Building Group constructions area almost energy neutral or even passive.

Eco Building Group Blocks

Our walls are very strong and highly insulated because of the raw NEOPOR materials we use at the manufacturing. Neopor is the result of ultimate research and refinement in the production process of Styropor which has guaranteed efficient thermal insulation for decades.

 The NEOPOR guarantees the same insulation value compared to traditional building with nearly 30% less thicker walls. Eco Building Group blocks are extremely insulating, water and fire resistant and have a very hard structure making them easy to be traded as a building material.

Made Of Neopor

One Eco Building Group block weighs between 1,8 and 4,8 kg depending on the type. Several studies have already shown that NEOPOR is harmless to health and is even indicated as biologically neutral.


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Building with Eco Building Group means winning in all areas. You can build in less time, with the highest possible way of insulation, with less people, with less costs for heating or cooling and with the highest possible level of comfort afterwards.

The Eco Building Group products offer specialized solutions to construct well-insulated underground parts of the building, outside walls, floor slabs and roofs

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ICF Production

A major supplier of ICF elements for single-family homes, apartment blocks, commercial properties, offices and multi-storey buildings. Eco Building Group delivers ICF elements and also turn-key ICF plants, Made in Germany

Florida Panhandle

This ICF home in the Florida Panhandle was virtually the only home left standing in the neighbourhood after Hurricane Michael came ashore last fall. It gained the industry significant national media attention The ICF “Sand Palace” (above) survived hurricane winds and storm surge with minimal damage compared to neighboring structures (below) which were reduced to ruins.

Client Testimonials

For us it was clear that if we build, then with a lot of personal contribution, as we have many craftsmen in the family. With the ECOBUILDING GROUP, we completed the entire shell in just ten days. Here alone we saved EUR 12,800.

Sokolov family


We could only consider a solid construction system in which we could contribute as much of our own work as possible. They  adapted the plans and we were able to save a sensational 68,000 EUR compared to this prefabricated house offer.

Schumann family


We wanted to find out more about building via the Internet, because we wanted to realize our dream of our own house in 3 – 5 years. Now, seven months after ordering the catalog, we are already living in our ECO BUILDING GROUP Villa and are thrilled.

Klapp family


Thank you for the clear and correct communication. We are glad we met ECOBUILDING GROUP. They brought experience and confidence during the whole, short! construction time, saving lots of Euros!

Van Casteren family


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